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Why social media marketing ?

  • With More than 2.5 billion people spending time on social media focusing your marketing efforts where your customer is present makes sense
  • Engage your audience know their pain points thereby improving your product/service quality
  • One to one interaction make prospect develop more confidence in your brand.
  • Highly increased brand recognition due to constant visibility
  • Makes your customer your first line of marketers who share your valuable content/post thereby increasing your inbound traffic
  • Marketing through social media increases your inbound traffic
  • compliments your search engine rankings by gaining reputation & bringing traffic to your site
  • Different social media channels help you reach specific audiences. Retarget your ideal customers
  • Higher consumer insights and detailed reporting provide you a highly lucrative platform for growth


Initial Audit: Know exactly where you stand

First you have to know where exactly you are positioning yourself in social media, We carry out a complete social media audit across all your social platforms including profile information , referral traffic, audience persona and demographics, engagement metrics etc to evaluate your company positioning in different social media channels

Social media strategy: outperform your competition

This step involves a deep strategy formation for your social media marketing the metrics by initial audit is taken into consideration. Creation of audience persona and choosing of specific social media for specific activities, content calendar and deep dive into metrics etc provide you platform to outperform your competition

Content planning: Aim for maximum engagement

To meet your business objectives and your brand resonate with your customer we do in-depth research about content planning & curate contents, infographics, video, content calendar and other engagement objects providing you valuable insights & achieve maximum engagement .

Rinse and repeat: purify the process

Reports from the social media shed an light on important information about the performance. Gradually we purify the process by taking out what’s not working and what’s working like what day & time of post has maximum engagement, which posts bought maximum engagements, questionnaire, contest all performance are evaluated and purified for major boast in your lead gen program.

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